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"Harnessing the Power of the Internet...
...for Local Businesses"
Benefits of the Mall
When most people think of the Internet, they think global. World-wide. And that's great. But...
When was the last time you ordered a pizza from a restaurant in China?
Not very practical? You're right! The fact is, for most retail and service firms, the vast majority of your clients live or work within a few mile radius of your shop.
For such businesses, "international" coverage is not as important as reaching new local customers.
So, how do I do that? ...
Use the Power of the Internet to promote local businesses locally.
Here at Arlington Mall.Com, we are dedicated to this idea. Are our web sites still visible from anywhere in the world? Sure! Can we help you develop an e-commerce site to sell to people outside the region? No problem!
But, at Arlington Mall.Com, our primary goal is to promote local businesses to the local Arlington-area community.
People going to Arlington Mall.Com are local customers. Looking for local businesses. Like yours.
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The "Mall Effect"
You (or maybe your spouse) might drive to Parks Mall, looking, let's say, for shoes...
But while you're at the mall, you wander by another store and see something else that interests you. And buy it.
Now, you didn't go to the mall looking to buy anything else. But you did. And the other store just made an extra sale, because you happened to see them in the mall.
Does this sound familiar???
This is the "Mall Effect" in action. It is a very powerful means for generating extra business in retail malls.
Arlington Mall.Com also benefits from this same effect.
Customers come to Arlington Mall for a variety of reasons. Maybe they're looking for what you have to offer. Maybe for something else. Or maybe they're just checking out the site, "window-shopping".
And while they're "surfing" through the mall, they see other products and services that they want or need. Other local companies they might want to do business with.
Like yours.
But they can't see you unless you're there.
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Gaining Local Exposure
There are over 300,000 people living here in Arlington, and more than 3 million in the DFW metroplex. You know that a large number of these people could really benefit from what you have to offer.
If only they knew you existed!
It's tough for local businesses to get new customers. Word- of-mouth only takes you so far. The local government is very restrictive about signs. Ads are expensive, and usually only read by the garbageman. Unless someone happens to walk right past your store, how will they know you even exist?
Use the Internet to Gain Local Exposure
At Arlington Mall.Com, we use the power of the Internet to help your business gain local exposure to prospective customers in our community. Think about it. Over 3 million people in the area. And over half the population now uses the Internet, from either work or home. How many of those people could benefit from your products or services?
Is it more customers than you have now???
Maybe a lot more? But none of these people are going to see your business on the mall. Until you're there.
So what are you waiting for?
Your competition to beat you to it? Join Now!
Proudly serving Arlington, Texas
and nearby communities.
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